Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Grampians

So were back. Two weeks away went waaaay to quick!

We headed off to the Grampians in Victoria on saturday the 5th July keen as mustard for boulder our asses off for two weeks, which we did for the most part despite being held back from enjoying alot of the areas due to it raining almost the whole time we were there... lucky there are a few caves, etc that keep fairly dry!

We spent our time in the luxury of the My Zero Log Cabins nearby which is a far cry better than camping, especially in the rain!

As a bonus we ran into some old friends of mine, Paul Meharg and Christina Bedard who were in the area for the same period as us, as well as another guy, Seong Jae, who was on his own so our little crew, which had grown to 10 people, had a blast on the blocs and shared plenty of beers and laughs.

See the post below for some pics of the trip :-)

On the bouldering front everyone did great, (here comes the spray haha) most notably Joel sending 'Flash Gordon' v8, 'Spanking the Monkey Bars' v8 (more like v9), 'Rave Heart' v8, 'The Nevin Rule' v7, 'Russian Bull' v7 and 'Cardigan Street Massacre' v7 amoungst many other great sends.
Paul managed 'Ogre Thumb' v9, 'Ammagamma stand start' v8 and last shot on his last day made a super impressive send of 'Cave Man' v10.
Chistina sent an old nemesis, 'Krusti' v9 as well as 'Cardigan Street Massacre' v7 and a flash of 'Russian Bull' v7 (Seong Jae also flashed this one, so impressive)
The rest of us managed to boulder pretty well with eveyone sending 'Russian Bull' v7, and Danny and Ross getting 'Waiting in the Air' v7 for Ross's first two v7's, awesome stuff!
Personally I got up 'The Nevin Rule' v7 and 'Russian Bull' v7 but for the rest of the trip spent my time coming depressingly close to 'Flash Gordon', 'Ammagamma stand start' and 'Krusti' but to no avail... ah well, next time!
Myself, Joel and Russell all also made a flash ascent of 'Dirty Dancing Direct' v8, but we had great beta from some friendly passing kiwi's and it didn't feel hard so not sure if it's all that hard, but it was fun!

Now we are all home, feeling strong and ready to crush some granite as well as get up to both Sydney and Nowra for some bloccing (and maybe some party nights...? haha)... I have a hit list ready to get into from this weekend... Will be sure to keep you all updated!

Watch this space! :-)

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