Monday, August 25, 2008


So its been a little while, lots has been going on and I just haven't got around to posting much, something I need to rectify!

Last weekend I didn't get out climbing at all, I just took a weekend to relax and take it easy which was nice, but the other guys got out and sent a bunch of hard stuff at North Black which was great to hear.

This weekend just gone we spent both days at North Black again (seems to be the norm lately!). Weather was crisp and saturday there was snow everywhere, which was pretty but as it melted all the higher crags that were covered in snow all got wet. I spent a little time on the sit start to Snoop Doggy Dog and nailed the first move but it might be a while before I have what it takes to put the whole thing together... will be a hard problem I think... maybe 7C+?
Saturday arvo we went to The Hill where Russell nailed the unnamed v9 on the steep wall there... awesome stuff, he absolutely cruised it! Danny and I did well on it too but not well enough to send... soon though!

Sunday we headed back to The Hill to try it again but didn't do so well. Rich sent the great little v8 round the back of the steep wall there which was awesome though!
I scrubbed up another hard project that keeps going left up the arete from that v8... every move is well 'ard... its going to be another really hard line when it goes.. So many projects to work!

The big news at the moment is that vandals have completely destroyed the problems on the steep wall at The Hill at North Black... some young motorbike riders destroyed all the lines with crowbars and hammers leaving the big undercling flake half gone and dangerously loose. We will attempt to glue what is left to avoid it falling on someone, but please spread the word about the damage to prevent anyone getting hurt by it. Also please reports any and all vandals to the National Parks and Wildlife Service. These thoughtless individuals have ruined beyond repair some of the most popular problems at the area in one fell swoop, we don't want this sort of thing happening again so keep your eyes open for signs of damage at other areas.

I will get some new photo's up soon when I have the chance.

Until then, have fun all :-)

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