Monday, September 22, 2008

50 in 1 - and other random adventures

Hi all,

Last week being my first week back after being sick and with me not feeling back to 100% strength I decided to try something different this weekend so I recruited some companions and headed to North Black on saturday to try and see if we could climb 50 boulder problems at North Black in one day.
Dave Pearson, Ben Fisher and I started out at 9:30am at The Hill with the only real rule being that at least one of the 50 problems had to be done at each of the 8 main areas (The Hill, The Campground, Upper Campground, Dog Rock, The Asteroid, The Hinterland, Baghdad & Frost Hollow).
Ben unfortunately had to leave when he reached 28 problems but Dave and I managed to soldier on to complete the mission, finishhing with the classic 'Sisyphus' v2 at Frost Hollow. We managed to climb 50 problems of varying difficulty (and quality) up to v7 and climb problems at all the main areas of North Black.
It was a hard little mission but one well worth trying. I think this is likely a record for the area, if you or anyone you know has done similar or better I would be interested to hear about it for sure!

In other news of the day Danny sent the crimpy 'Sunday Gardener' v8 - awesome work man!

Sunday saw us head out to check out the new bouldering at Link Road, potential everywhere! Can't wait to get out and establish more stuff out there!

Well, thats about it, I'll be back soon enough with more news I hope! :)

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