Monday, September 1, 2008

The Balkans

Hey all :-)

Well this weekend Danny, Richo and I hit the Balkans in Sydney for some bloccing on Saturday and had a blast.

We got there about 9:30 after some small detours (due to Richo forgetting a map :p haha) and Danny met us there soon after. We did some great moderates to get warmed up then put some effort in 'Paratroopin' v8. We got the sequence dialed but didn't quite get it done... next time for sure.
The Danny and Richo sent the classic 'Sloper Dan Milosovic' v5 and I did 'Boogie Knights' v8, so we were all pretty darn happy!

We did a few more moderates and with Richo sending a classic v4 (Battle of The Shirts? Can't remember the name.. that might be it), Danny doing a sketchy highball mantle and I got up 'Macedomia' v5.

So all in all a great day leaving us with very little skin left (Richo's tips were bleeding!) and some sore muscles on Sunday, but with an enforced rest day in Canberra on Sunday due to rain it was all about relaxing for the rest of the weekend.
We might make it up there again this weekend, and I might get some pics from the day up this week... watch this space.

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