Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I know its been a while between blogs (sorry Richo) but I haven't been all that well lately so I sort of have an excuse.
Last weekend saw us out at North Black again where Richo sent the unnamed v9 at The Hill for his first at the grade.. farkin awesome work man - Sherralang! haha
Russell also managed a repeat of 'Sunday Gardener', great stuff man.
We had another night session out at North Black last night too, Danny got close to the V9 at The Hill and I'm sure he will send soon, I worked on my other new line project there too making some great progress and should get it soon enough.

Here are a few pics from the other weekend at The Balkans and some from last weekend at North Black, enjoy!

Richo on the 'Eastern Block Arete', Frontline, The Balkans

Richo on 'Paratroopin', Frontline, The Balkans

Danny on the unnamed v9 at The Hill, North Black

Russell on 'Sunday Gardener', The Campground, North Black

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out that although Danny didn't happen to nail the V9 he did happen to make one hell of an ascent of an Un-named V8....GOOD ON YA BRO

And as always Ross was climbing as soft as butter =)

See ya on the Blocs