Wednesday, March 18, 2009



As I write this it is about 8:30pm, we have just finished dinner and I am sitting on my porch with Chris watching yet another tropical storm, but not such a big one tonight. We thought maybe our predictions about the early rainy season were a bit premature as the evening rains abated for a few days but I guess we were right all along haha.
The last few days have been great fun, loads of climbing and loads of psych with everyone sending routes all over the place! I have been feeling great on the rock of late so I am pretty confident of cleaning up my left over projects in my last two weeks here. I have two 7c's and a 7b+ that I am close to finishing so hopefully they will all go down soon. Also I have to do about 20 more routes in my last 2 weeks to reach my little goal of sending 100 routes all up here in Tonsai.
My last few climbing days were great. One was a nice afternoon session doing some easy onsighting at Wild Kingdom with Jess and Ana, the next was a morning on the beach with the whole crew and an afternoon session at Fire Wall with Tom. Then yesterday was a fun morning session at Dum's Kitchen on the beach where I did a nice 7a called 'Good Medicine' then the afternoon was back at Wild Kingdom with Lily, Chris and Jess where I did 'Freedom Safari', a nice 7a on my second shot. Chris and Jess sent 'Breezes Of The Past' a fantastic 7b there, then Lily and I both flashed it! My second 7b flash here and Lily's first ever, so the two of us did a celebratory rope jump off the ledge and headed off for beers :-)
Today was a rest day spent laying on the beach reading books and working on our tans, so tomorrow is going to be a day for sending! Fingers crossed :-)


So projects didn't go down as planned. Hopefully they still will but we had a slight hiccup in the plan, namely two consecutive nights of unforeseen shenanigans that got a bit out of hand haha.
Today is my 3rd rest day in a row, but last night was nought but sleep, as tonight will be, so back on track again tomorrow :-)

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