Monday, March 2, 2009

Bouldering, finally! haha


The last few days have been great fun!
I went and tried 'Rolling Thunder' when I planned to and came pretty close, should get it pretty soon, and it was a fantastic route! Long, pumpy and with a boulder problem finishing with a dyno at the end... so much fun! Then that afternoon I went to Marley Wall for the first time a tried a great 7c called 'Exodus'. It is just my style and I fell on the very last hard move on my 3rd shot so I will be going back soon to finish it. I am psyched because my goal for the year was 7c+ and being only one grade off my goal in only 2 months is super exciting!
That night we all got pretty drunk and went swimming naked at about 3am haha. We swam way out on the reef (it was ony chest deep though) and swam around in the luminescent plankton, so much fun!
The next day was a rest day naturally due to hangovers haha, but today I went bouldering in the Big Wave Cave (underneath the multi pitch route called 'Big Wave') and it was soooo good! It is only 200 metres from my bungalow so I am a bit annoyed at myself for going sooner but I am psyched because I can train in it so I dont lose power just climbing routes all the time. I did a V5 and two V6's pretty quickly and tried out a few harder things so I am eager to get back and send some hard boulders and get some power going on.
Rachelle and Emily both left today which is sad, then Sam, Elin and Andy all leave tomorrow... its getti g much quieter around here, which is good for getting on routes without the crowds but its sad seeing so many fun people leave. There is still a small core of our little family left who are here for as long as I am so at least I have a solid crew for the rest of my Tonsai time.
Good times :-)

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