Thursday, March 5, 2009

Visa's, motorbikes and more


Argh, I am so exhausted! I have barely got up a route in days... Chris, Jess and I have been working hard on routes at our limits for the last days. It is good because we are all at about the same level of climbing so we are all working the same routes which is great for psyche. We are all working on a fantastic 7c at Cat Wall at the moment and it is so tiring but we are all doing great on it. I also have a few other 7c's and 7b+'s that I am really close to so we are now taking a rest day or two then back into it... the send train is coming!

Tonight is Max's birthday party. Max is a rad guy from Austria with a confusing Glaswegian accent, such a nice guy. He has organised a private barbeque and party on the beach at Eagle Wall and a boat to ferry us all back and forth, should be a wicked night :-)

Chris and I went to Krabi the other day to extend our visa's. We road a longtail to Ao Nang and hired motorbikes then rode to Krabi, was a blast! After Krabi we headed north along the bay for a while to check out some other towns which was fun. Then we stopped and had a tall Chang and rode home a bit drunk, so funny, especially in the rain and seeing elephants on the side of the rode, funny, funny day :-)

I have just realised I only have 22 days left in Thailand so it is time to knuckle down and finish my projects! Keen as mustard to send some more hard routes, I am climbing harder than I anticipated I would in my time here so I am well chuffed! Here's hoping I can finish up my unfinished business here before I run out of time! :-)

Rachelle coming up 'Chunkey Monkey'

Rachelle at the top of 'Chunkey Monkey'

Carmelita and Keight

Chris chillin' with a Chang somewhere up the bay on our motorbike adventure

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