Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sleight Of Hand...

Things are a blend of sweet and sour here in Yangshuo. The other day we had an EPIC run in with the local farmers at White Mountain and, long story short, it is out of bounds for the time being and they may have chopped all the first bolts off the routes.
But other than that things are great! Yesterday I sent the project that I bolted at Lei Pi Shan finally! I have called it 'Sleight Of Hand' and it is about 7b+ (Oz grade 26). It is a cool, hard boulder problem for the first 5 metres then it links into an overhanging and pumpy 7a to the top... really fun route and I am especially psyched because this is my very first First Ascent in another country... booyah!
Also, I have scored a job guiding for the company China Climb here in Yangshuo. Doing a few days work here and there guiding climbing, kayaking, hiking, riding, etc... should be a blast... also means I can spend a few months here climbing basically for free, loving it! So I will be here till the end of May at least, but who knows, maybe June as well haha... We'll see :)
Last night ended in another Baijiu catastrophe... thats rice wine for the uninitiated... so today is a team rest day, then tomorrow it will be off climbing again... good times!

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