Sunday, August 30, 2009


Part 4 - SUCCESS!!!

After all our disasters so far we seem to have finally found our niche in the beatiful boulder strewn autumnal forests of Fontainbleau! This place is absolutely amazing and we haven't seen even 5% of what it has to offer... In 2 days we have been to 4 of the big famous areas: Bas Cuvier, L'Elephant, Cul De Chien and Roche Aux Sabots and I have climbed 50 problems so far, all of which were stella. There is a quantity of crags and problems here beyond any sense of reality... you really can't appreciate how amazing it is until you come here.I could gush about it endlessly but instead, here are a couple of pics (we have been so excited we forgot the camera's a few times so its only pics from Cul De Chien...)

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