Saturday, August 1, 2009

Willkommen nach Österreich

Austria! Mainland Europe at last!
After a horrible night staying awake all night in London's Stansted Airport I landed in Salzburg yesterday morning tired but excited, especially after seeing the alps from the window of the plane.
My friend Nina was waiting at the airport to pick me up and after breakfast it was a whirlwind tour of the city of Salzburg where we managed to take in all the sights and wander around most of the centre of this beautiful old city including an amazing church built in 747ad called The DOM. I even managed to crash my bicycle pretty badly on the way home just to spice up my day haha. That night it was 1 litre beers in a big old private brewery, awesome day.
Today Nina and her father, Wolfgang, took me hiking up in the Alps to climb a little peak called Taghaube. Amazing. Great hike up a nice little peak with amazing views of the Alps and the glaciers below us. The Alps here in Austria as super pretty... add yet another place to the "Places I want to live" list haha.

London´s Stansted Airport at dawn

Looking over the Saltach River in Salzburg

Mirabell Garden in Salzburg

Statue in Mirabell Garden

Statue in Mirabell Garden

The streets in thecity centre

Inside The Dom, a church circa 747ad

The roof of The Dom

Looking over Salzburg

Looking over the city towards Festung Castle

Wolfgang and Nina heading off on our hike


Looking down on the clouds rolling in near the summit

Looking down over the valley from the summit

Wolfgang and I on the summit of Taghaube

Nina near the summit

Looking up from the Austrian Alpine Club hut, Taghaube is the peak on the far right

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