Thursday, November 4, 2010

阳朔攀岩节 - Part 2 - The Rest

So the 阳朔攀岩节 (Yangshuo Climbing Fetival) went really well. All the sponsors and volunteers worked really hard and everything went off without a hitch. Great slide shows from the sponsored athletes, an awesome bouldering comp and a rediculous Halloween afterparty to top it off!
We had a great time setting the routes for the bouldering comp and in the end they worked really well, splitting the field nicely and entertaining the crowd. And I had a blast MC'ing the bouldering comp too, such a good time, really looking forward to next year!
It's hard to describe everything really well so instead here's a few pics to give you an idea. Good times indeed...

Kre - legend

Yo yo yo, MC D in the house! haha

John and Andrew

Route setters doing their thing

Fred - another legend

My man Yuji Hirayama - yet another legend

Sponsors adds galore...

Me (walking on the green mat) MC'ing the preliminary round of the boulder comp

Amber topping out the womens preliminary problem 1

Kelly on the same problem

Street side slacklining

My man Abond. 14c climber. North Face Athlete. Hero


Randall Baum said...

Hi Duncan,

I'd like to check out the climbing around Getu River Scenic Area (格凸河风景区) in Guizhou.

Could we discuss some beta for the area?

My email is:



Duncan said...

Hey Randall,
drop me an email - dunkcranks @ hotmail . com
Sorry for the brief reply, im heading to Vietnam momentarily... ill reply asap!