Sunday, November 21, 2010

Psyche and Physiotherapy...

Hey kids!
Things are rockin' out here in Ha Long Bay! Plenty of guiding work (I use the term 'work' losely here... hanging out on a boat in paradise, kayaking, climbing and bolting new crags isn't exactly work haha) and plenty of fun. We have started bolting a cool amphitheatre on an island about 30 minutes basket boat ride from Tiger Beach. It doesnt have a name yet but it will have maybe 20 routes in the end from maybe 5.8 to 5.14+, from vertical to ludicrously steep and from 1 to 3 pitches long. Plus we have 2 deep water soloing wall to develop right next to them if the water is deep enough there. Psyched.
One little set back though. I busted my knee climbing it Butterfly Valley this morning. It's not too bad so hoepfully I will be all good in a few days but I just have to keep it elevated and iced for the moment and then see how it feels tomorrow... fingers crossed!
The crew from China Climb arrived yesterday too. They are here to run a sea kayaking trip next week so town is full of fun folk right now and more are expected soon... psyched!!!
Heres a few more pics  :-)

Jen climbing 'Big Brown B-Hole' 5.12a at Ben beo Harbour, right next to our apartment

Slo - man, myth, legend

Life is hard...

The wall we are bolting at the moment, you can only get there by basket boat


Do you like it steep?

Climbing and kayaking at Moody's Beach

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