Sunday, December 12, 2010

The good times just keep rolling!!!

Things have continued to be amazing out here with days upon days of great deep water soling out in the bay and fun days of sport climbing on the island.
I just finished 5 straight days of DWS including a final mission for Simon and Monique before they headed home to Oz. It was great hanging out with some old friends from home  :)
Jen has headed back to Yangshuo already and I will be off on the 20th so time here is drawing to an end so now I'm off to climb out in Butterfly Valley then it's all guns blazing out at the Temple Amphitheatre to get more routes bolted before I leave!

Heres some more pics for you all, enjoy!!!

Fred enjoying the view on the way out into the bay

Katie on 'Le Mekong' at Le Mekong

Vu on the boat and Cassie swimming back after taking a plunge

Good times

Climbing at Tiger Beach

Sarah on Le Mekong

Me at Le Mekong

Fred climbing at Tiger Beach

Climbing on 'Balooning Around' at Le Mekong

And again

Monique Forestier climbing at Tiger Beach

Me at Le Mekong

Me again at Le Mekong

And again

Fresh crab for luch, oh yeah!

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