Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ha Long Bay, continuing to be amazing...

Things keep getting better and better. My knee is well and truely on the mend, work has been great fun, a heap of my friends from Yangshuo are all here on Cat Ba including two of my favourite people in the world, Fred and Kre who are here climbing and working at Slo Pony Adventures with Jen and I.
I have been climbing pretty well since my knee being good enough to climb again and have done a stack of great routes including one 5.12d last week and two 5.12a onsights today. Good times!

Below are a few pics from Simon Carter of me deep water soloing the other day. If you don't know Simon check out his website:
Simon is an amazing clim bing photographer based in the Blue Mountains in Australia and you can find his work in climbing magazines and other publications around the world, check him out!

Me on a 5.8 at Fishermans Way

Me airbourne at Fishermans Way

On a 5.11 at Fishermans Way

Me campusing out on 'The Diving Board' at Unemployment Wall

On a hard project at Unemployment Wall

And heres one from my boy Lee Cujes. Check out his website: 
... lifes hard out here  ;-)

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