Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back on yet another AMAZING year!

So it's New Years Eve already. Why do the years seem to be flying by? Is it because bending ind moving faster all of a sudden or does it just seem faster because I am having so much fun...?
I like answer two best personally.
This year has been yet another year of crazy times, fun people, amazing climbing and loads of adventure!

Writing a long story recapping all the years highlights would take waaaaaaaay to lomng so instead I am going to abbreviate the year in a few paragraphs and then illustrate it with some photos at the end but you can easily go back over my year and read all the adventures again here on this blog if you feel like a trip down my memory lane :)
So, my year...

Well, it started by seeing in the New Year in Hampi, India then shortly after I left India and headed back to Yansguo, China where I started working at China Climb as a guide and developing new outdoor activities around Yangshuo. I went on trips to some fun places doing everything from climbing to white water rafting and saw some amazing places.
I started doing alot of new route development around Yangshuo and then in other places around China.
In the middle of the year I went on a crazy trip to Singapore to race up a massive building with a big group of other profesional climbers and assorted misfits from aaround the globe where we were celebrities and partied with the likes of Diana Ross haha.
Then it was a short 4 weeks in Australia visiting family and friends and going climbing at some of my old haunts which was great!
Then back to Yangshuo in mid summer for some climbing and swimming in the 38 degree heat.
Then as summer wore on we did a climbing festival in Luo Cheng, one in Guizhuo Provence (followed by 10 days of bolting new routes in a massive cave with a team from Petzl), then the Yangshuo Climbing Festival. I sort of became head route setter and MC for the bouldering comps around here which has been a blast!
Then in November my wonderful girl and I headed down to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam for 6 weeks of work, climbing, deep water soloing and general great times. Now I am back in Yangshuo working as a manager at my favourite bar, Bar 98, and going out climbing like crazy every day.
All in all another great year!

So looking back over the year what have I learned...?

I have been studying Mandarin Chinese and can now speak OK, read a little and even write a decent handful of characters so I have learned alot of a new language.
I have learned alot about the culture and people of this amazing country.
I have learned alot more about new route development and bolting new routes, building Via Ferrata and Zip Lines.
I have learned more about myself as a person than I ever knew before.

And what does the new year have in store so far?

Lots of training to try and send my project here in Yangshuo... a 65 metre overhanging stamina fest!
Trips to develop new areas around China including - Ice Climbing in Sichuan, Big Walls in Xin Jiang, Bouldering in Sichuan, Crack Climbing in Yunnan, developing more Sport Climbing in Guizhuo, maybe a return to Deep Water Solo in Vietnam plus loads of new development here around Yangshuo. Plus a few other surprises...
Also i have been sponsored for the next year by the good folk at Evolv... but more about that in the new year ;)

So yeah, it has been a great year and the next one is looking even better!
I freakin' love my life!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR KIDS!!! Have fun, be safe, climb hard, have adventures, say YES to more things, get psyched and as always... love what you do and who you do it with!

Lots of love!

Ps: here are the pics I promised, in no particular order, enjoy!

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