Sunday, February 8, 2009

Still sick... ARGHHHH!!!!


So I ended up sick for nearly 5 whole days and didn't keep any food down for a total of 96 hours! I lost a fair bit of weight in a short period and other than one climb this morning I have done bugger all for 5 whole days... which is frustrating as all hell but now that I feel on the mend and I am keeping food down I am psyched to get out and tear it up tomorrow! Finally I can climb again!
Yesterday I risked soiling myself (fuck it, you can swim in the ocean if you have an accident, just wear dark shorts haha) and went to Phra Nang beach with a big crew of aussie girls and our usual lot as well. We walked the long way through the jungle and past Railay East so I could get some antibiotics which was a nice, albeit long, walk and then we lay in the sun and worked on our tans, snorkelled on the little reef there, checked out the penis cave (a cave full of wooded penis's - a tribute to the Princess of Thailand apparently?), kayaked around happy island and relaxed some more. By the time I walked back to Tonsai again I was exhausted as I had no energy from being unable to eat for so long but I was on the mend and a fun day in the sun helped alot!
Now I am on the mend, psyched for tomorrow and ready to have a blast!


So my excitement was premature. I was still shitting circles around myself last night. But today I actually feel like I am better. I have taken more antibiotics and various other drugs and my food is staying down so hopefully it is at an end. I will be resting for the rest of today and going up to (hopefully) do a super photogenic 7a+ called 'Burnt Offerings' at Fire Wall this evening if I feel energetic enough for it.
I sooooo hope I feel properly well soon as we are off to Koh Phangan in 2 days and I want to be fighting fit for the full moon party and the bouldering at Koh Tao!

A junk off Phra Nang beach

A sculpture in the Penis Cave at Phra Nang

Steph outside the Penis Cave

Me all sweaty, sick and delerious after being sick and not eating for over 4 whole days

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