Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Tonsai and more illness... bah!


Another lazy morning... Was up for breakfast at 8am and to see my friend Lucie off as she is off to Koh Phi Phi today. Going to climb in the afternoon but will be lazing about this morning which seems to be the best routine for me I think... the early morning starts aren't that fun, and stuff it, I'm on holiday haha.
Yesterday Dave, Agnes, the two Ryans and I headed off to The Keep at Railay East. I had a cracker of a day, didn't get on anything too hard but had a no fall day onsighting 6 routes from 6b to 6c, all 20 to 30 metre long enduro face climbs... was great fun and such a great position perched up on a ledge overlooking the sea with white faced monkeys playing in the tree's below us... fantastic!
I am feeling really solid onsighting up to 6c+ consistently and having fun keeping my head together on onsights, haven't been projecting anything really though so I might have to go get back on 'Cross Eyed' soon.
This afternoon Dave, Agnes and I headed to The Nest here in Tonsai and did a few moderate routes, was good to do some more easy onsights again, good fun!


Another rest day. Lazing around, reading, listening to tunes, slacklining (my juggling skills on the slackline are definitely improving!), talking trash and watching pretty girls on the beach - heaven.


So, my rest day bliss didn't last for long... I didn't keep my breakfast down, or my lunch and I didn't even try dinner. I didn't feel ill but I couldn't keep food down... weird. Then I woke up during the night with sharp pains in my stomach and started shitting liquid... ghey. I didn't feel sick as such, just sharp stomach cramps... so I couldn't eat at all yesterday, I just lay in bed watching films and running to the loo every half hour.
So this morning I ate a small breakfast making it the first food I have kept down in 60 hours. I call it the Tonsai Weight Loss Program as I am wasting away to nothing faster than you can say Jenny Craig.
I am hoping now that I feel better I can eat some food and restore my glycogen levels enough that tomorrow I can climb as today marks 3 days in a row off climbing...grrrr.
Here's hoping for a miracle recovery!

Tonsai by night

Dave, Lucie and I off to Ao Nang, Ao Nang!

Dave at The Keep

Drunken slacklining, beer in hand haha

Dave showing how ghetto he really is on a 6a at The Nest

Dave finishing the same 6a at The Nest

Agnes on the same 6a at The Nest

Me onsighting a nice easy 6a+ at The Nest

Agnes and I with the Pyramid Bar kitten

Me holding the pet baby squirrel one of the girls working at Dream Valley keeps in her pocket

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