Monday, February 9, 2009

Would you beleive it?

Yesterday arvo I went up to Fire Wall and sent 'Burnt Offerings' 7a+ on my 2nd shot! On my first go I felt so ill that I actually threw up while I was climbing, a new experience for me haha. But I feel 100% again today! But I pulled a muscle in my hamstring on the send so more enforced rest today then off to the full moon party tomorrow!

Me sending 'Burnt offerings' 7a+ at Fire Wall


Connor said...

hey man!

I'm not gonna have the chance to get to a computer for a few days, so I figured I'd wish you a happy birthday a few days early. Hope you're lovin' it over there, and happy birthday from all of us you left behind!

Catchya Bro,

Duncan said...

Cheers little brother :)

I certainly am loving it, having my birthday on Koh Tao!

I'll speak to you again soon mate :)