Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The send train is here!!!


Shikandang! Things are mighty sweet (with a touch of sour) here in 'ole Tonsai. There has been a bit of change recently, namely a dwindling of the climbing population coincided by an increase in general travellers and backpackers. We seem to be losing members of our little family on a disturbingly regular basis. First the Ryan and Ryan show, now Welsh Dave has left for the Australian shoreline... look after him Oz! In a few days we lose Rachelle and soon after that Elin as well as Sam... Soon it will be just me, Chris, Jess and Hampus left... sad to see people go but the show must go on!
I have had a ball climbing the last few days, feeling good(ish) again on the rock. Climbed a nice little multi pitch at Monkey World with Rachelle the other day then had a couple of good days at Melting Wall, the first of which was spent doing the moderates there that I hadn't been on and the second time sending the amazing 'Cross Eyed' 7b, one of the best routes I have ever done... 30 metres of sustained overhanging endurance climbing at its best, and one of my proudest ascents in ages, and only on my 4th shot so I am well happy and extremely psyched at the moment!
Today was a rest day and I slept in then read my book laying in Pyramid Bar again... funny thing happened, a cheeky Macaque monkey jumped over us all on the deck, jumped into the kitchen, stole a bananna and ran off again... scared the crap out of us all haha, so funny. They are so cheeky and aggressive, they are a bit intimidating when they get boisterous and to close for comfort.
Other than climbing, reading, dodging monkeys and drinking Chang I have been slacklining heaps and getting alot better which is wicked... got my jumping onto the line, turns, 360's, juggling and yoga poses on the line going on alot better, now I am trying to learn to jump whilst on the line and a few other tricks... so much fun haha :-)
Tomorrow is going to be a misson up to Generator Wall to try 'Rolling Thunder', a fantastic 7b+ that comes highly recommended by my friends here so I will let you all know how it goes!

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