Thursday, September 17, 2009

Go to India!


Namaste (again) bitches!!!
Ah India... the land of colour and chaos. I had a fairly uneventful flight from London sitting next to a nice girl who was flying on the same connections as me to India and direct to Goa, the beachside party capital of India where her fiance picked us up from the Military airport (getting out of a plane infront of an Indian perched amoungst sandbags pointing a 20mm machine gun at you is an unsettling introduction to any airport...) at Goa and drove us on up to Calangute where I waited for buses to the beach of Anjuna, in the end I grabbed a taxi and was all checked into a little beachside room and relaxing with my feet up and a cold beer in hand as I watched a gorgeous sunset, the sun blazing orange and red as it slipped into the distant horizon of the India Ocean.
Anjuna Beach is interesting... if squalid is interesting. Its a 'sort of' pretty beach but the years of it being a party capital have obviously taken its toll with dilapidated building falling apart everywhere, trash (although thats not unusual seeing as this is India) and an all over run down look... and being low season there are few people around which is nice as the few people here have the place to ourselves. I don't think I will stay here long, just a few days to chill, maybe a week then probably head south to Palalem or maybe all the way to Ghorkana... we'll see... but for now it's nice enough to just relax a bit here first.


So despite it not being the prettiest beach in the world I am slowly becoming quite enamoured by Anjuna. It has been a fun couple of days. I met some nice people and we all got motorbikes and headed off up the coast for the day to Arambol, a pretty beach about a 40 minute ride from here. We dranks banana milshakes, ate fresh seafood, body surfed in the waves and generally had a great day. Today we are off to try and find the famous Anjuna Wednesday Markets to do a little shopping and general time wasting for a lazy day. I am still not going to stay long here I think, but probably till the end of the weekend then off to somewhere new... I'll keep you all posted!

Waiting for a bus to Anjuna from Calangute

Sunset from my room... jealous much?

Street cows

The restraunt at my place, sunset views and cheap Banana Rum Milkshakes :)

Ah, sunsets...

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