Sunday, September 6, 2009



So things went from bad to great to bad again.
After some amazing days bouldering in Fontainebleau my shoulder injury started playing up again and to top it off I have an injury in my other shoulder now too. So no more climbing for me for a while... back to the rehab action for me.
So Rob and I headed on up to Paris to help Sophie move into her new apartment and we hung out here for the weekend seeing some of the sights then for me its off to London this afternoon. I am sacking off Kalymnos seeing as I cant climb and instead I am going to go India and relax on the beaches of Goa and Ghorkana to rehab my injuries in the hope that I can boulder in Hampi later this year. Heres hoping!
So for now it is the end of the adventures of Rob and Duncan as I head to London and Rob is off to Kalymnos... but Im sure there will be more shenanigans together one day :)
Heres a few more Font photos and some from Paris...

Rod trying to fix the dent in our hire car

Rob at Bas Cuvier

More stereotypical Font slopers

Rob at Bas Cuvier

The Eiffel Tower

Outside the Louvre

The Arch de Triumph

Notre Dame

The Paris Underground

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MansTouch said...

The pictures are admirable. I love the Paris underground. Nice shot.
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