Tuesday, September 29, 2009



What an amazing place Hampi is! The crew and I stayed on the main bazaar side of the river for a few days and checked out the town then crossed the river to the Hampi Island side where I promptly fell in love with the place and have decide3d not to leave at all and just stay here and boulder for 4 months. Being seperated from the rest of the holy city by the river that can only be crossed in 1 boat (if it is running at all) makes things a bit more relaxed over here. We moved into the Goan Corner which is open but only partially while they finish renovations for the busy season, so we have a nice newly renovated room with an amazing view but for the moment have to walk a mile or so to go get food, but its not so bad. I have managed to get out bouldering a few times and my shoulder is feeling good! I am bouldering one session every second day and still doing rehab work and other stuff in the interim and hopefully that will help build up the strength in it well so I can boulder hard in another month or so, just need to take care of it and not rush myself. But all signs are pointing to Hampi being great fun all round... between the bouldering, the amazing views, the great people, the swimming hole, the rafting with the crocodiles and the adventurous mid monsoon storm rickshaw racing, things are looking to be a blast here!!!

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