Sunday, September 20, 2009

Heading East


It's funny how your opinion of a place is entirely dependant on your experience. You can have a bad experience in an amazing place and form a bad opinion of it or have a good experience in a terrible place and have a high opinion of it. Goa was half half. It was a nice enough place and I had a good time with nice people. Day trips to different beaches, fun nights playing guitar and drinking Rum on my rooftop, general good times. But all good things must come to an end and with my friends Laura and Lois making a last minute extension to their time in India by changing flights we joined our other friends Dave and Will on a very last minute overnight bus to Hampi. Things started poorly.We all bused it with the locals from Anjuna to Mapusa then in some typical Indian style chaos Lois, Laura, Will and I ended up losing Dave and got herded onto a bus to Panjim where our overnight to Hampi would leave from. With all the bags aboard and no Dave in sight as the bus headed out of town Will lept from the bus as it slowed down at a round about to go find Dave and get him to Panjim while Laura, Lois and I were left with 5 peoples luggage to carry around then guard in the dark at the random back street bus station in Panjim. Finally the two boys turned up and reunited we all got aboard the sleeper bus to Hampi. Now I know I will be in Hampi bouldering for some months from November but this is just a fun 'tourist' stop with friends and a bit of a reconnosaince mission so I am familiar with the area when I come back. Today we have done sweet nothing apart from wander around town, register at the police station and buy the girls appropriate clothes... being a Holy City they cant really wear their skirts and singlet tops they wore in Goa without getting arrested haha.We will all hang out here for a week or so then I will head to the East coast to Chennai for a possible mission to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands! So much choice of destinations I dont know what to do!

Anjuna sunsets

Will on the sleeper bus

Dave getting cut throat shaved in Hampi

India, land of colour

The Hampi Bazaar

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