Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another day on the hill

Saturday saw us all head up to Cantaloupe Hill again for another dose of its awesome granite goodness.

We headed straight up to the Upper Ridge boulders and all quickly sent 'O'Ren Ishi' a great v7 that I tried last Sunday. This was Richo's first v7, so nice work man :)

We all then had a crack at an awesome line called 'Blood Makes Noise'... this was such a great line... were all keen as mustard to get back on it and send!

After that Richo, Russell and I all did 'Rumspringa', a nice v6 arete. After a bit more playing around on problems we headed back down the hill where I did a nice stand start v5 called 'Spruce Moose' then worked on the v9 sit start... awesome problem, all compression, like climbing an overhanging fridge... cant wait to get back on it!

That was about it for the day as we were all wrecked by the end of such a long day. Sunday was a rainy day so no bouldering until next weekend... bring it on!

Heres a few pics, enjoy :)

Danny on O'Ren Ishi

Russell on Rumspringa

1 comment:

Richo said...

Come on Russ how about you finish this problem im sick of carrying the mats all the way up the hill.