Sunday, April 6, 2008

V for Vendetta

Yesterday the whole crew (josh, Danny, Richo, Russell and I) all went to Pierces Creek but were turned away due to aerial fertilizer bombing in the pine forests (We were escorted out of the area by 2 land cruisers and a helicopter haha). So we headed up to Cantaloupe Hill instead.

We went up to Glitz Rock and I managed to do 'Vendetta' v7 pretty quickly which I am stoked about! I thought it was too hard only weeks ago so its cool to see the progress!
The others were close too, so it will go down for everyone soon I'm sure!

Russell and I are heading back up there today so Russell can try The Joker and Vendetta again then we will walk up to the Ice Blocks further up the hill to check out the problems up there as I am keen as mustard to get on 'Aspen Armour' v7.

Heres a few pics, enjoy!

Russell on 'Vendetta'

Josh on 'Vendetta'

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