Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ooooo Yeah Baby!

So Its taken me 3 days to write about the weekends doings... sorry Richo... please forgive my tardiness :-p

Saturday saw us all head up yet again to Cantaloupe Hill for some more tasty granite treats.
We started off at Glitz Boulder where I had a few hissy fits due to coming off the crux of 'Stopping All Stations' repeatedly. Soon after my tantrums Danny sent 'Vendetta' and there were a few almost ascents of the same problem by Richo and Josh... next time gadget, next time!

Next we walked up a short distance to the cool prow that is 'Spruce Moose'. Everyone jumped on the stand start before throwing ourselves at the sit start. After a bit of work I stuck the big first move and held on for dear life to the top for my first v9 in years.. so I was well chuffed :-)

After that Danny and Josh headed off and Richo, Russell and I headed further up the hill to the Upper Ridge boulders. We all jumped on 'Fraud Landis', a cool v7 sloper problem we tried last weekend and Richo and I both managed a quick ascent each.

After that I jumped back on 'Blood Makes Noise', another great problem at v7 that we tried last weekend. After working out a rad knee bar sequence I managed to send this one too. Stoked! I recommend this problem very highly... it has different, funky moves and is a cool line to get on.

So all in all a great day yet again. Richo and Danny sent a v7 each and I managed my best day out in years with 2 v7's and a v9 so I'm pleased as punch! With the weather getting colder and colder each day and everyone in such good form I'm sure were only going to see a lot more sending in the coming months, bring it on! :-)

This weekend Russell, Sally and I are heading off to Bungonia Gorge for an overnight bouldering trip... cant wait!

Heres some pics from the weekend, enjoy!

Josh warming up on 'The Joker'

Me on 'Spruce Moose'

Richo bearing down on the crux move of 'Spruce Moose'

Russell hanging tough on 'Fraud Landis'

Me on 'Blood Makes Noise'

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Richo said...

O Thats not fair we all know I did Vendetta so I missed out on the stupid jug to jug sit start I still did the v7 moves if you can take a mat touch ascent I can take missing 1 stupid move......

Love Always Richo =)