Sunday, April 6, 2008

Big day on a big hill...

Today Russell and I headed up Cantaloupe Hill out on Corin Dam Road again.
The conditions were good and it was a beautiful sunny day. We started at Glitz Rock where Russell finished off 'The Joker' v6 and 'Vendetta' v7. He did them really quickly after trying them yesterday and having his beta worked out.
I also did 'Dripping On Trips' v6 on my second shot. This problem is meant to be v5 but unless your tall as all hell you have to do the whole crux of 'Vendetta' just with a different start... its a tough little monkey!

Russell on 'Vendetta'

Then we headed further up the hill up to The Ice Blocks. On the way a stick flicked up from under my feet and stabbed me in the face, I bled for the rest of the walk up the hill!

My injured face

When we got there we tried 'Aspen Armour', a nice looking v7 but man was it well hard! Got to get a lot stronger before trying that one again!

Russell getting ready to try 'Aspen Armour'

Russell on 'Aspen Armour'

I quickly did a couple of nice v4's 'Born Again Hooligan' and 'Skullduggery' and then we headed back down to the Upper Ridge Boulders about half way down the hill. I had a quick burn on 'O'Ren Ishi' a cool v7. I came ridiculously close, falling off touching the finishing jug, I was just too tired to get it in the bag... Oh well, next weekend!

The view from Cantaloupe Hill

And its the end of daylight saving time today so no more bouldering after work :-(
Back to training on the woodie for us!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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