Sunday, April 27, 2008


Its ANZAC day long weekend and Russell and I spent the last two days at the amazing Bungonia Gorge.

We camped at the main campground and were really impressed with the facilities there... really nice!

On both Friday and Saturday we hiked into the Gorge and back out for some bouldering, on Friday down to the Jerrara Falls end of the Gorge and on Saturday down to the Slot Canyon area beneath the looming main walls... 300 metre limestone behemoths... made us keen for some multi pitch action sometime soon :-)

Unfortunately we didn't actually send much all weekend apart from me doing a fun and slopey v5 on saturday which was good fun :-)

While not a weekend full of sends it was a great few days in a brilliant wilderness area... cant wait to get back there!

Heres a few pics, enjoy...

The view from one of the lookouts

No explanation needed...

Russell enjoying the scree slopes on the way in to the west end of the gorge

Sunset at Jerrara Lookout

The main walls of Bungonia Gorge from the bottom of the gorge

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Anonymous said...

Very upsetting that you guys went all that way only to send a v5 o'well better luck next time =)

Bring on the multi pitch climbing im getting scaried just thinking about it.....