Friday, October 3, 2008

Some pics from Rusty

Hi all,

Seeing as I am a bit behind with editing and posting my own pics I thought I would post some from Rusty's Flickr page.

Also, check out pics from Tor Vikan Rise and Ben Shaw on their Flickr pages, links are in the list to the right of this page.

In addition, if you have pics you would like to share, particularly of climbing around Canberra, but anywhere in Oz or abroad is fine! Just send me a link to your Flickr, or wherever you keep them online, or email them to me (dunkcranks at hotmail dot com) and I can post up links and pic... always keen for pics of our local blocs in particular :)

Enjoy these ones from Rusty! (I promise some new ones from me are coming soon haha)

Castle Hill, NZ, in miniature

The Carillon, Lake Burley Griffin, ACT

A pic from the recent World Cup at Mt Stromlo, ACT

Me on my accidental variant to JSOW at Baghdad, North Black


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