Friday, October 10, 2008

It's T-Shirt Weather...

Or lazing by a pool with a cocktail weather... god I love summer :)
The weather has been warming up alot the last few weeks and while it isn't great for bouldering it is great weather for barbeques, beer, sunbaking, swimming and general summertime shenanigans... So bring on the sunshine I say!
Temps have been cool in the evenings though and tuesday night saw us head out for a boulder along Corin Road. We all did the Joker a few times and worked on various projects we have there.
I jumped on 'Cerebro' v11 for the first time and suprised myself by doing reasonably well, there were only two moves I didn't do and I think with some work they should go. Will be a long time before I would be strong enough to link it all but I am happy to have such a great hard problem to project only 15 minutes from home :)
Dan Da Silva is back down for the day tomorrow to try the 'Spruce Moose' sit start again so I'll be back asap with news on how tomorrow goes for all the crew!
Over and out!

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Anonymous said...

Yall can suck my tiny little dick. going to mount coolum tomorrow. I'll send you some pics. debs bringing her camera. Went for a look see today. the place is fucking steep and high cant wait