Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Loooooong weekend

So the long weekend has come and gone and the weather was not all that flash for bouldering due to a fair bit of rain so we took it as an excuse to chill out and have some shenanigans.

Without getting into too much detail it was a pretty loose weekend all round with two nights in a row of shenanigans involving lots of beers/bourbon/wine/champagne/long island ice teas/pipes/god knows what else, highball slabs at Georges boulder drunk and in the rain, 7 people roaring drunk and rolling around in the back of a van all round town, a spa, moderate levels of nudity, table dancing, air guitar, the first ascent of the Durham Hotel back bar traverse and me passing out and getting obscenities drawn all over me with permanent marker hahaha

Good times!!! :-)

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