Thursday, October 2, 2008

Action packed!

So the last week or so has been as action packed as it can get!

The weekend saw a crew head down from the central coast to enjoy some granite treats and enjoy it they did.
I took Daniel Da Silva, Katie, Tor Vikan Rise and Simen out to Corin Road on saturday where everyone sent stuff all day long. Starting at Georges boulder everyone did the nice high slab (Simen took the fall of the season with a spectacular 540 rotation and flat on his face landing haha) as well as Tor and Daniel nabbing quick sends of 'Phone Sex' v8.
We then headed up to Cantaloupe Hill where Tor and Daniel sent 'The Joker' v6 and Daniel sent 'Blood Makes Noise' and 'O'ren Ishi' both v7.
I also jumped back onto 'Scream' v8, and after a few pink shirt earning back offs and half assed attempts I finally committed and gave my all to the final highball dyno and bagged the problem, possibly the best feeling ever, sooooo stoked!
I should note that Simen jumped onto the top section of this (sans the 'Blood Makes Noise' initial boudler problem) and FLASHED the highball dyno and mantle! We all just stood there dumbfounded! Amazing!

After some fun drinks and a barbeque on saturday night, Sunday saw us head out to North Black. Noone felt overly strong or had much skin so mainly some easy problems at the Campground and The Hill went down with Daniel doing the little v7 roof as a highlight of the day.

Awesome weekend all round :)

Tuesday night we headed out for an evening session at North Black where Danny sent 'G-Force' v8 at the asteroid and Richo did the v7 varient he hadn't done yet, then they headed back to the main area where Richo sent the tough as nails 'Sunday Gardener' v8 (hard v8 at that) - top stuff man... shikading!

This weekend is a long weekend so if the rain holds off hopefully I will have some more good news of great send to pass on soon!

Ps: I will try and get some more pics up again soon :)


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As Trent would say "Thats sick hey"

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