Monday, October 27, 2008

Boulders, Bolts & Backflips

So yet again I have left it a few weeks between posts, I really need to write more regularly! (Sorry Richo!)

Alot has gone on in the last few weeks so here is a bit of an overview...

A bit of mid week bouldering saw Rusty and Richo both send 'Stopping All Stations' v8/9 at Cantaloupe Hill, awesome stuff!
Then later that week on another afternoon and on his birthday no less Danny sent our v7 variant to 'The Joker' as well as 'Spruce Moose' sit start v9! Happy friggin birthday champ!

I didn't get out there on that Thursday as I went to see Cirque Du Soliel's 'Dralion'... and it was absolutely fantastic, such a great show... made me want to crack out the circus toys the minute I got home haha! If you can get along to see it I highly recommend it... awesome costumes, awesome music and amazing feats of gymnastic strength and precision... really inspiring!

The weekend saw a big crew of us head out to Hollywood to climb some routes. Yeah you heard me right... we were tieing in!
9 of us swarmed in on the little crag on saturday hanging draws on nearly every route, people climbing all over the place. It was a great day... perfect weather, good conditions, great people.. you couldn't ask for more!
We all did a whole host of the moderate routes with the highlight ticks of the day being Rusty sending the unnamed 27 at the left end of the crag and Josh and Richo sending 'Brokenwood Cricket Pitch' 25.
All in all an awesome day!

Here are a few of Rusty's pics from his Flicker page, I will post some of my own asap!

Enjoy :)

Mel on 'Chilled Right Eyeball' 17

Me on 'Chilled Left Eyeball' 20

Me cutting loose on the unnamed 27 that Rusty sent

Stu on 'Flat Head' 21

Richo taking a clip on 'Right Here Right Now' 25

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