Sunday, January 25, 2009

And even more from Tonsai...


So I ended up having 2 rest days then yesterday went climbing in the morning and felt shite so only climbed in the arvo. I had a shot on 'Cross Eyed' again and fell at the tech crux below halfway then made my way to the top... sure I can do it before I leave, just have to keep getting fitter. After that I flashed a nice 6c at Wild Kingdom Wall and relaxed for the evening and had an early night. I have had to impose a 'no leaving Dream Valley after dinner' rule on nights when I plan to climb the next morning to avoid my rubber arm being twisted into going out for beers and ending up out late at the bars haha. Its just to easy to party all the time, but there is climbing to do!
Today I went and sent a cool 6c+ called 'The Lion King' at Dum's Kitchen after having fallen from the last move to the chains last time I was on it. Tomorrow morning I have to go back to he beach and send 'Babes In Thailand' then hopefully off to check out the amazing looking Thaiwand Wall.
It has been a bit hot the last few days with temperatures in the mid 30's each day so we have been spending the lazy hot part of the middle of the day lazing at the Pyramid Bar just near our bungalows. The local Thai's that run it are so fun, chilling with us, playing the guitar (they love Metallica songs being played for them haha). The Thai's have the most wicked sense of humour, always smiling and laughing and always cracking jokes with us at our expense... all the Thai's I know now at the crags and at all my favourite bars and restaraunts are great fun... The Thai's are fantastic people, they really make this place special :-)


The Tonsai Flu.
A terrible affliction that renders the hapless victim unable to leave the proximity of a toilet for the best part of a full day. I foolishly thought my iron stomach would keep me free of the sickness but guess what? Yesterday was spent driving the porcelain bus interspersed with lengthy periods of shitting myself. Bloody horrible. Most of our crew have all caught it at the same time so we are all relaxing today doing nought but sitting in the shade and wasting time nursing our aching bodies and tender stomachs... ghey.
So no climbing has happened for a few days but I might climb something easy this arvo if I feel up for it, but probably not... might just save it for tomorrow...
Other than that things are great here, having a ball!

Another Tonsai sunset

The Crackatinnie Tribe gets to Tonsai (just for you Boundy!)

Like it steep? Me lowering off a 35m, 20 degree overhanging route

Tonsai, from Cat Wall

All the bungalows are amoungst this grove of coconut palms

The damn monkey that stole my wter bottle haha

The Welsh flag flying proudly outside welsh Dave and Ryan's bungalow

Chris spending a lazy day at the Pyramid Bar

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