Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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I spoke too soon. Yesterday was meant to be a day of climbing but I woke up after a bit of a night out the night before with a fever and feeling soooo tired still... I had breakfast at about 9.30am and went back to bed and slept fitfully with a sweating fever all day till about 5.30pm only waking to drink water. No throwing up or shitting rings around myself though... When I got up in the evening I felt wasted but after a bite to eat with Dave and Stan I felt back to normal so we watched a movie in my bungalow then I headed out for a few beers.
I woke up this morning feeling much better so Dave, Stan and I headed out to climb While the rest of our crew headed off to the Ao Nang hot springs. We did a nice 6b+ at Tyrolean Wall then I flashed a great steep 6c+ route called 'Stalagasaurus' on the Tonsai Steep Wall. Was great to flash it as I had been saving it for a flash shot so I was well chuffed! Then I went to try a cool looking 7a at Dum's Kitchen but got shot down on the steep roof start, but I was close so I'll head back to try it again soon.
It's so nice here now that I have settled right in, hanging outand climbing with a great extended crew of people we have going on from all over the world (Seong Jae from Korea, Dave from Manchester, Stan from Norway, Ryan, Sam and Sean the Yanks, Jan, Liz, Lizzie and Ben from London, Jack and Steff the other Aussies and so many others), playing pool and blazing up with the locals, hanging out every night at the Sawadee Bar drinking Chang and slacklining (My slacklining is getting heaps better too! I can do sit starts, jump onto it, walk, turn, walk backwards, juggle on it and nearly walk sideways haha, loving it!).


Damn hangovers. So glad today is a rest day because its 2 in the arvo and I just got up after a very long night of shenanigans and my head feels like it is stuffed with cotton wool.
Yesterday was an awesome day. In the morning I flashed a 6b+ then flashed a 7a so I was really happy with that! In the afternoon I went to Melting Wall with Dave and tried a 7b route called 'Cross Eyed' and oh my god it is the best pitch ever! 30 something metres long and massively overhanging all the way with amazing movement on perfect grey limestone pockets and edges with some bold runouts and a perfect setting high up looking over the beach. I will be working on it for while I think. I did all the moves without much fuss but it is such an endurance fest that it will take a little while to build up the fitness to do it but I am soooo psyched to do it! This afternoon I am going to swim to Railay and back then have an early night... gotta have a quiet night so I can go try it again tomorrow!!!
A couple of mates and I have made a little plan for the next full moon in early February... Dave, Ryan and I are going to go to catch the overnight train over to the Gulf of Thailand and go to Koh Pan Yang (sp?) for the massive full moon party there (15000 people on the beach, sounds wicked!) then go bouldering in Koh Tao for a week before coming back over here again. Should be a riot as the boys are a great laugh and keen for some shenanigans... keen as!

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