Friday, January 2, 2009


So its nearly here! After many months of saving my pennies and planning this and that my trip is finally just around the corner!

Next friday I leave for a year or two on the road, living like a climbing bum out of my backpack a visiting amazing world class climbing destinations.
I fly to Thailand first for 3 months of sport climbing and deep water soloing at Tonsai and bouldering at Koh Tao, then on the 27th March I fly to Hanoi in Vietnam. From there the basic plan is 2 months deep water soloing and climbing around Ha Long Bay with some side trips to Laos to climb and to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat. Then it's China for a few months of climbing at Yangshuo followed by a side trip back to Thailand then 3 months or so bouldering and climbing at Hampi & Badami in India and trekking and bouldering in Nepal.
That will take me through to the end of 2009 and from there I will decide what to do for 2010 but at this stage I am thinking Rocklands in South Africa followed by Europe... but we will see, it's a long way off yet!

So thats the basic plan and I wouldn't be more excited if I tried! Haha :-)
I will endeavour to post updates and photo's as regularly as possible so keep your eyes on this blog to see what I am up to! Also if anyone is goingto be in the same places at the same time be sure to hit me up to meet up for some climbing!

Well, I hope you have all had a great chistmas and new years break and that you are all safe and well.

Check back soon!

Duncan 'that bastard going on that awesome holiday' Brown


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