Friday, January 16, 2009

More Thailand...


The last few days have been amazing! The 14th saw us head out Deep Water Soloing with Wee's Climbing School. It was such a fantastic day, 12 of us plus 2 Thai guides headed out to Koh Poda in a big longtail with a kayak. The first area we got to I was first into the kayak and headed straight up a 15m high 6b... I onsighted it then looked down to jump and nearly shit myself haha... 15m is a well long way to jump! The Thai guide in the kayak was laughing and yelling 'jump! jump!' so off I went... scary, but so fun! We spent a few hours climbing most of the routes at the area then went to a secluded little bay to have lunch and vboulder on some great problems in shallow water just off the beach. I did a fun little v5 and nearly finished another that was about v7... might have to kayak back there to finish it.
Then we went and spent a few hours at another big roof and wall on Koh Poda doing some great fun routes over the deep water again. A young swiss girl topped out this crazy high 6b+ that everyone else chickened out on... and with reason.. it's 23 metres high! She climbed it then sacked up and jumped straight away.. soooo bloody high, so impressive!!!
Yesterday was a rest day that included nothing but laying on the beach, swimming, slacklining and drinking Chang (the local beer). After a lazy day I hung out in the Sawadee bar slacklining, drinking more Chang and blazing up with the bar staff, then off to a friends room for a movie then off to bed.
Now that I have been here nearly a week I am really getting into the swing of things. When to go to what crags to avoid the sun, where the best food is (wow the food is all soooo good!), where the best massages are, what bars are the best to chill in, etc, etc... so relaxing and so fun. And I haven't felt even a little bit sick yet (touch wood!). Friendly people everywhere from all over the world, climbers, backpackers, friendly locals all mixed into a vibrant little community stuck in one of the most beautiful places ever with amazing climbing and a sunset over the ocean that I just can't see enough... I have watched the sun set every day and probably will till I leave... so beautiful.
Today I had a kinda late start, had breakfast about 9am then off to 'Tyrolean Wall'. Warmed up with onsighting a 6c+ then tried a 7c+ and got my ass handed to me haha... did most of it but it was well hard!
This afternoon we will climb somewhere else, but for now its off to the beach to swim and relax!

Steff on 'The Groove Tube'

Koh Poda Deep Water Soloing

Jack at Koh Poda

The crew on the boat at Koh Poda

Francesca jumping off a 23 matre DWS routes... so scary!!!

Me jumping of after doing a nice 6a at Koh Poda

The longtails at the beach we stopped for lunch at

Our secluded little beach for a lunch and bouldering stop

One of our Thai guides for the DWS trip

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