Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Arriving in Pokhara was one of the best moments ever. Swinging into the airport and catching a glimpse of the Annapurna Range through the clouds was a little tease of what this place has in store for me. I made my way to the Lakeside district of Pokhara and got myself a hotel room then set off to find my friend Camille who is working here. After being unsuccesful in my search I wondered around town waiting to hear from her when who should I bump into walking down the street but my old mate from home, Saxon! Beer was in order so we caught up over a nice cold Everest beer. He and his brother had just finished the Annapurna circuit and were back in town for a few days before heading back home. Talk about a one in a million chance... bumping into an old mate in a small himalayan town seems remote odds at best, but its a small world full of big suprises :)
I finally found the lovely Camille and we all had an evening of beer and tall stories before some much needed sleep some time in the small hours of the morning. It's so nice having a few old friends around, it adds to the already massive feeling I have of being at home here. A strange feeling seeing as I have just arrived but sitting here beside the beautiful Shewa Lake, the sun streaming across the water, surrounded by verdant green jungle clad hills with the imposing mass of snow capped Himalayan peaks looming through the cloud strewn sky high above us I just cant help but feel at home here... maybe I have found my place in the world... we'll see.
Today was a late coffee and croissant breakast followed by a lazy afternoon in which Camille and I hired a row boat and lazed around on a boat working on our tans while floating around the beautiful lake. A hard life I realise, but one I wont be swapping for anything in a hurry.

Camille out on the boat on Shewa Lake

Monument at the Museum of Mountaineering

Nepali women in the street in Pokhara

A sacred cow in the street in Pokhara

My old mate Saxon and his brother Marcus in Pokhara

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